Industry Links

Que Sera Alpacas is proud to support the following organizations

Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association - the national trade association of the alpaca industry.  AOBA sanctions most of the alpaca show competitions in the US, it also provides information on alpacas and alpaca ranching, as well as educational opportunities for its membership.
Alpaca Registry, Inc. - the United States registry service.  Most alpaca breeders register their alpacas through ARI.  Genetic verification is required to register an alpaca with ARI
New Mexico Alpaca Breeders - a volunteer organization of area alpaca breeders dedicated to promoting ethical business practices, providing educational and networking opportunities for it's membership and striving to ensure the best care possible for our livestock.
The AOBA affiliate representing the interests of alpaca owners from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico.  Anne is very proud to serve as President of the TxOLAN board of directors.
The AOBA affiliate representing the interests of alpaca owners in Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountains.  Colorado has one of the highest concentrations of alpaca ranches in the United States.

Updated March 12, 2013