We herd you were looking for us!

We are sorry to have to report that we have had to stop public tours for the second time. We are beyond disappointed about this turn of events but we are just not willing to risk our health, the health of our employees and the safety of our livestock because some people cannot or will not understand how civilizations behave when something is threatening the public good.

The babies are due starting in July - keep checking the web site, www.queseraalpacas.com, follow us on Facebook - Que Sera Alpacas

We look forward to seeing you when we can safely gather again. Be safe. Be kind. Love your neighbor. Wear your mask

In the meantime - visit our Store pages to see what we've been up to during all our "Me Time"


Fun for the whole family!

The is Ryane - born July 8th. The world is her oyster - oh yes it is!
It was a busy week-Finn was born Aug. 6, Flash arrived Aug. 9 and Levon came early on Aug. 14

And we can't forget Liam - born Aug. 11

WE WELCOME YOU TO QUE SERA FARMS. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FUN EXPERIENCE THAT'S A LITTLE OUT OF THE ORDINARY? HOW ABOUT A VISIT TO A WORKING ALPACA RANCH? Meet the babies (we call them cria) laugh with the Jr. Varsity boys as they work out their new plays. Visit our fiber processing area ... and of course there's Quelle and Moonshine, our kissing alpacas... Call ANNE: 505-310-3369 for more information.

We love dogs and we are sure your dogs are wonderful critters. However, alpacas do NOT love dogs and Evie, our ranch dog takes her job of protecting her alpacas very seriously. We respectfully ask that you not bring your dogs on your visit to the ranch. They will have to stay in your vehicle and on hot days that is a problem.

We offer boarding services, short or long term, midwife assistance, fleece prep services, breedings to our award winning herdsires, alpaca sales and mentoring. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

EXPERIENCED BREEDER? We'd love to show you our herd. We have around 50 animals to choose from - show quality breeding stock, great fiber industry stock as well as pet quality animals - all at reasonable prices.

NEW TO THE BUSINESS? We welcome visits from those who have just discovered these wonderful creatures. We are happy to help you figure out if alpacas are a good fit for you.

Financing is available to qualified buyers. For most sales we require at least 1/3 down and can offer 0% financing for up to 2 years. (We're in the alpaca business, not the banking business! ) Installment plans are also available for breedings and are negotiated on a case by case basis. We charge a $5 per month handling fee for all installment payments and we accept all major credit cards.