Fiber / Scientific Data

5-9-2014Shear Weight - 7.8, Blanket 3.3, Neck 2.1

Championship Genetics

Altair's Vito

ARI# 851895   D.O.B. 11/20/2003 (18 yrs)

Huacaya, Male, Proven | Dark Fawn

7/8 Peruvian
Sire: CL9 Altair (deceased) | ARI# 805163  | Medium Fawn 
Dam: DPF Macademia | ARI# 801031  | Med. Brown |


Vito has a fine bright fleece, butter soft with crimp from his nose to his toes. He has magnificent coverage and a density that is really remarkable. He has stunning conformation and a gorgeous, typey head. He also is a gentle soul with a sweet disposition. Vito uniformly throws his density and well organized lock structure. We have a splendid variety of colors in Vito offspring - he tends to throw the dam's color although not in every case and he throws that teddy bear head about 50% of the time. All of the offspring I have seen have his very correct conformation and "nose to toes" fleece coverage and...well...we just have an awful lot of satisfied customers.

Show Record Information
Vito had a very successful show career. He never placed lower than third in any halter class he entered and never lower than second in the two national fleece shows he entered. His fleece shorn at 66 months was awarded Color Champion at the prestigious Great Western Alpaca Show in Denver (May, 2010) The judge commented on how well he is holding his micron as well as how well structured and consistent his fleece is. Most recently at the AOA National Fleece Show, he was awarded 19 out of 20 points for fineness and handle on a fleece shorn at eleven and half years! Still winning ribbons after all these years. Show information is available here as well as through the AOA web site.

When using show results as a criteria for choosing stud services or purchases, we strongly encourage you to consider the whole equation. Look at the size of the show, the level of experience of the judge(s), the size of the class in question and the show experience of the other breeders competing in the class. Not all blue ribbons are created equal. We are very proud of Vito's show record, but he has a second place ribbon that I am just as proud of as all of his championship ribbons.

Show results should be considered only one tool to be used in judging the quality of any alpaca.


Halter Show Awards
Color Champion, First in class of 7 - Fawn Yearling Males
1st Annual Louisiana Deep South Alpaca Show, Monroe, LA - Nov. 12 - 13, 2005, Judge Herold Herbold
Reserve Color Champion, Second in a class of 7 - Fawn Yearling Males
2005 New Mexico State Fair Alpaca Show, Albuquerque, NM - Sept. 24 - 25, 2005, Judge Jane Tellier
First in a class of 9 - Dark Fawn Yearling Males
Great Western Alpaca Show, Denver CO - May 6-8, 2005, Judge (Huacaya Males) Julio Sumar
First in class of 6 - Medium Fawn Males 2 Yrs and older
7th Annual TxOLAN Alpaca Spectacular, Ft. Worth, TX - Feb. 18-19, 2006, Judge Tim Lavan
Third in a class of 8 - Medium Fawn Yearling Males6th Annual TxOLAN Alpaca Spectacular, Ft. Worth, TX - Feb 19 - 20, 2005, Judge Kirstin Burhman
Third in class of 12 - Dark Fawn Males 2 Yrs. and older
Great Western Alpaca Show, Denver, CO - May 5-7, 2006, Judge (Huacaya Males) Amanda Vandenbosch
Fleece Show Awards
Second in a class of 8 - Dark Fawn Yearling Males
2005 AOBA National Conference Fleece Show, Sandy Utah - June 3-5, 2005, Judge: Nard Mullan
Second in class of 3 - Fawn Huacaya - Age Class C (female and male fleeces were judged together) 2006 Fiber to Fashion Conference AOBA National Fleece Show, Reno, NV - Nov. 2-5, 2006, Judge: Kathy Merkley
First in class of 5 - Dark Fawn Huacaya Males- Age Class C
2007 TxOLAN Alpaca Spectacular, Fort Worth, TX - Feb. 16-18, 2007, Judge: Ruth Elvestad
Age Class E - Yep...that's Age Class E! fleece shorn at 66 months old! COLOR CHAMPION and First Place
2010 Great Western Alpaca Show, Denver, CO - April 30 - May 2, 2010, Judge: Stephanie Glyptis & Diana Timmerman Honorable Mention for Judges' Choice.
Age Class E - he was twice the age of the other entries at eleven and half years of age - received a score of 19 out of 20 for fineness and handle.
Group Class Awards
Fifth in a class of 16 - Get of Sire
2008 TxOLAN Alpaca Spectacular, Fort Worth, TX - Feb. 2008, Judge: Amanda Vandenbosch
2nd in a class of 3 - Get of Sire
2009 New Mexico State Fair
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