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Peacock Feathers - Cotton/Alpaca Blend

Peacock Feathers - 100% Alpaca

Turquoise Trail - Cotton Blend SOLD

Hand Painted Yarns

Price: $25.00

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Product Specs

  • There are 2 choices of fiber content. Peacock Feathers comes in 100% Alpaca - each skein is 200 yards and weighs 3 oz. and is sport weight yarn. Each skein is $24.
  • Peacock Feathers and Turquoise Trail is available in a blend - 80% alpaca/20% cotton. This is a slubby yarn and the cotton does not take the dye as deeply as the alpaca so you get a heathered look. Each skein is sport weight, 200 yards, 2.8 oz. and it sells for $25 per skein.

Product Description

Each skein is dyed with the same dye solutions but we don't guarantee that every skein is exactly the same. These came out pretty similar but there may be more of one color in one skein than appears in the others.

Peacock Feathers have several shades of teal, greens - dark and light, with a smattering of blues and greys.

Turquoise Trail lives up to it's name - it is pretty representative of the many colors found in the turquoise mined here in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. SOLD